The Introduction to Adulting & Adventure and Me

I’m not sure how to begin, because there really is no start to this story. But I can explain the current situation, so strap yourself in because you are in for a ride.

I’m a currently 18 year old girl (as of writing this, 2020.02.16.) who is graduating high school. This may not seem like much, depending on where you live, but I’m from Hungary. And here this is the point where we basically get thrown out into the world to survive on our own.

In a few months I’m going to attend a university that is a 2 hour car ride away from where I live right now and as far as I can tell I will be on my own. Mostly.

This is where the adventure part comes in, as I am planning to move away with my boyfriend. And as two idiots who know nothing about life we will try to figure things out on our own and make things work. For someone who has been through a lot and has had many experiences, this might seem like a bad idea. And you know what? We can see that perspective.

But we are ready to take on this challenge and I will be documenting it all the way.

That’s what this blog is all about. And if you are a fellow student just moving out to live on your own, or with roommates, then I highly advise following along. Because trust me, I will write down everything brutally honestly.

But if you’re a mom who wants to know what it’s like for the younger generations then you are very welcome as well. We appreciate parents like you.

The introduction to adulting and adventure

Either way, I’m off to start an adventure, but I would be glad to have some people by my side on this journey.

2 thoughts on “The Introduction to Adulting & Adventure and Me

  1. It is great that you’re going to share your adventures while being a uni student. Life away from home can be a hard adjustment at first but it’s a first step towards independence. Sending you lots of positivity!

    Nancy ♥


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