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There are a lot of exercises out there that have the potential to change your life. But if you are like me, websites like Darebee don’t help anything. Most of what I can find online is just way too hard for me to start out with, which is why I needed to look into plans that are suitable for people who are just getting off the couch.

And there are basically none online, these websites and apps think everyone is born like some superhuman. So let me gather the best exercises you can start with.


You likely haven’t heard of this before, because it doesn’t benefit those who are trying to actively build their body. But for those who want to get a little more in shape it’s absolutely perfect.

Isometric exercises are the ones where you just contract your muscles, but don’t move an inch. Like flexing. You can either pose in a certain way and contract every muscle in your body (like planking) or you can just sit down and focus on one.

It burns very few calories, but still strengthens your body. You can do this with your stomach, arms, legs, back and possibly even sides. Whatever you want to work on.

Although, I think the best part of this is that you can take it outside of your home. I spend most of my breaks during school with these exercises and I’m beginning to notice a change in my calves.

Exercise for the couch potato

Jumping jacks

The easiest way to get your heart rate up is by jumping or running around, therefore, one of the best cardio exercises you can do are jumping jacks. They don’t take up any space, you don’t need equipment for it and you can easily include it in your daily routine.

I also love the fact that you can easily modify the amount you do based on your mood, energy and overall fitness level. Is 10 enough for you? 20? 50? It doesn’t matter because whatever gets your heart rate up will be good for you.

But I suggest that you split it up over the course of a day. Doing 100 jumping jacks in one go is efficient, but you will tire yourself out very quickly and you will want to stop by the time your reach 50. I’m speaking from experience. A better way to do this is by choosing a room in your house (for me it’s the bathroom) and doing 20 jumping jacks each time you go in there. You will be doing plenty of exercise during the day.


I’m not going to suggest running, because I personally hate it and I know that many other people do too. It’s simply not something that a regular person would want to do and if you don’t enjoy these activities then you won’t do them regularly. Walking is much better because of this.

Simply go outside and take a walk around the block. Or if you have to go somewhere then go by foot instead of by car or by bus. It really does make a difference.

I walk a mile to school and another back every day. And trust me when I say that I can feel the difference during summer when I get all sluggish and lazy. During those days I can’t even get myself out of bed, much less go outside just to walk. But when September begins I can feel it in my legs.

And don’t forget, you will also help the environment this way.

Exercises for the couch potato

Calf raises

Honestly, one of the best methods if you want to shape your legs. It’s easy, you can do it while watching movies or TV and it won’t take up too much energy. I also like to read meanwhile.

If you don’t know what calf raises are, the explanation is simple. Stand up and rise to your tippy toes. Then go back down slowly. Repeat until ready to collapse.


People view stretching as a way to warm up before the actual exercise. For us couch potatoes, that’s not the whole truth. Sometimes a simple stretch can be enough for us, because our muscles get way too strained. And honestly, I’m not judging those who can’t get past stretching, because at one point I was the same way.

But that doesn’t really matter either way, because stretching is an exercise itself. And I’m not willing to accept the opinion of anyone who says otherwise. It gets your heart rate up a little and releases tension from your muscles.

If you have a job that requires sitting all day this should be absolutely mandatory. Stretch your neck and your back every day, even at work if you can. If you tend to move around then I suggest stretching your lower body. And if you do physical work, your arms. Just make sure to do it regularly, because things will cramp up otherwise.

Exercises for the couch potato

Final thoughts

I think that everyone should do at least a little bit of exercise each day. It’s healthy, keeps you active and it’s also a type of selfcare that will make your life way longer.

What kind of exercise do you do?

9 thoughts on “5 exercises for the couch potato | Health and Fitness

  1. I am not doing too badly! 🙂
    I do jumping jacks, plenty of walking, and, even though I did not know it until now, I also do calf-raises.
    I love this list for its simplicity and value. One can get up off the couch and go right into them.


  2. I don’t think I have seen it before and indeed, doing exercises healthy and I do it every morning at home to start the day strong..


  3. Great exercise tips for a lasy ass like me. I also think skipping ropes are similar to jumping jacks in simplicity. Easy and numbers are your choice. Great post


  4. I’m not really “into” exercise or sports, but I would love to continue to improve my health so I will have to work more on this! My primary activities include yoga, walking and hiking. I try to get in 10,000 steps 4 to 5 days per week. Great post!


  5. I love these ideas- especially the tip about choosing one room and doing 20 jumping jacks every time you go there- it sounds practical and do-able. I’ll give it a go! Thanks for this info.


  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing this with us. I’ve been trying to get into yoga again lately but sometimes the bed is just so comfy it’s hard to get up haha.


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