4 herbs you can grow in your kitchen | Life Skills

I personally really love gardening, especially when it comes to crops and herbs. They are useful little things and I love to see them grow to their full potential. But the best part is harvesting, of course. I get to reap the benefits of my not-so-hard work and eat a meal that has something in it that I grew by myself. There’s no better feeling than that.

Therefore, I thought that I would give you 4 herbs that you can grow very easily. Or, if you want a healer type of plant then you can also grow aloe vera.


You all expected this. Basil is one of those herbs out there that needs to be in every single kitchen, because it is necessary for so many recipes. And it also smells really nice, but that’s besides the point.

You can get seeds at any supermarket. A packet usually has at least 20 of them, so be careful, especially if you want to pour a couple into the pot. These seeds are insanely small and are black, so if you don’t pay attention you will get the entire packet in there, thinking that nothing came out. Yes, personal experience. Just grab a few and push them into the soil.

Speaking of which, you don’t need anything special. The cheapest soil will do just fine. And the pot is the exact same, just make sure it has holes on the bottom so it can drain away excess water properly.

Place it where the sun shines every day, but not all the time. Boom, now it will flourish.

How to grow basil in your kitchen


I would recommend getting chives that are already grown. I bought a potful at Tesco and they are just fine and I didn’t have to wait around for them to grow, as they were basically ready for harvest. Although, I suggest cutting off at least half of them because they are insanely crowded by default and it can get hard to handle them.

All you need to do is water it every couple of days, or when the plate under them completely dries out. And don’t even think about fertilizing them, it’s completely unnecessary. I know, a lot of guides say that you should, but it’s a waste of money. The most I have done for my plant is got a little bottle filled with nutrients intended for flowers and it turned out just fine.

As for the use… I love having fresh chives on a buttered slice of bread in the mornings. It’s a good breakfast and the taste wakes me up. Although, the best part might just be the fact that it discourages me from drinking coffee.

Just a quick warning though: this plant seems to attract fruit flies.

How to grow chives in your kitchen


Personal favorite. I love to make cocktails at home and mint is the perfect addition to most of them. It makes the final mixture pop! Plus, mojitos require it, and it’s my favorite drink, sooo…

Mint is basically a weed, because if you accidentally drop a seed in your yard then you will have a plant. And you will need to go out of your way to get rid of it, as it will grow and spread like fungi.

Because of this, you only need water to grow this plant. And some drainage, but even that is questionable. Just don’t place them in direct sunlight because the plant will dry out really quickly. A hot afternoon is enough to kill a little fellow like this.

How to grow mint in your kitchen


Okay, this isn’t a must, because most people don’t like spinach. But I personally love to include it in any dish possible. It’s really easy to make a paste out of it that can go along meats, pasta and any other salty food you can imagine.

I’m currently experimenting with my first spinach plant and I have found that it has no special needs. Although, it does prefer shade most of the time, as it’s quite fragile in its early stages of life. If you don’t pay enough attention it can dry out very quickly.

How to grow spinach in your kitchen

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