Why should you have Aloe Vera at home? | Health and Fitness

Okay, fine, fine, I know that it’s not a necessity and not all people like plants. But I do and I personally think that everyone should have at least one aloe vera plant in their home, even if they don’t like them all that much.

So, what are those reasons?

They are easy to care for

If you don’t know much about plants, then this might just be a surprise to you. Aloe vera really doesn’t require much attention. If you look at a guide about how to care for them you will find many things that make it look like they are hard to keep alive. Terra-cotta pots, potting mixes and fertilization.

I have plenty of aloe vera plants in plastic pots that were put in soil and have never been fertilized. And guess what? They are flourishing.

All I did was buy a plant from a local flower shop and separated some offsets. I put them in a spare pot and waited until it grew some proper roots. After that, all I did was water them every couple of days. They, of course, need some drainage and a plate under them, otherwise the roots are going to rot. But these plates also make the watering part easier, because you just need to look at them to know if your plant is thirsty. If it’s completely dry it’s time to water.

You can place them in a shady area or one that has full sunlight. I prefer the latter, because mine have been feeling better there, but they can survive anywhere. Except the bathroom, please don’t put your aloe vera in a place where there’s too much humidity.

Why you need an aloe vera plant in your home

They can be used to heal infections

As a Hungarian girl I was raised to believe in modern medicine, but was still encouraged to solve problems with natural remedies whenever possible. This meant herbs, oils and aloe vera gel.

Unfortunately, I had ear and eye infections very often and I absolutely hated taking antibiotics. So my mother cut off a lead from one of our aloe vera plants, squeezed some gel out and used it on the infection. Yes, it felt absolutely disgusting, especially when it was in my eyes. Yes, it does have the consistency of snot.

Either way, after I had a round of this treatment I always got better within two or three days. I’m not advising against medicine, but if you have a child who is fussy about these things or you yourself are the person who doesn’t like it I highly recommend using aloe vera. Just make sure you don’t ingest it, but rub it on the affected area.

Why you need an aloe vera plant in your home

They can heal burns

If you cook or bake regularly you have likely already experienced how awful it is to get burned. The pain lasts for hours if not days and the mark it leaves looks horrible. I know the feeling.

Most websites advise to put ice or cold water on the affected area. Others say that you need to put it under running water. Both can be good, but won’t do you anything in the long term, like aloe vera gel will.

If you get a little bit of the gel and rub it on your skin it will immediately start eliminating the pain. Not only that, but it will also help with the scarring, as it’s possible that you won’t have a single mark on your skin afterwards.

All you need to do is grab a knife, cut a lead and squeeze some of that gel on your skin. That simple.

Why you need an aloe vera plant in your home

They can make you more beautiful

Beautiful as in today’s standards kind of beautiful. Smooth skin, long hair, strong nails and all that jazz. If you would like to have these things then aloe vera can easily help you with it.

If you want your hair to grow and become thicker all you need to do is make a hair mask out of the gel (you can do this by simply rubbing it on your roots or adding some kind of other ingredient), leave it on for about 30 minutes then wash your hair as normal.

For smooth skin I highly advise getting products that already have aloe in them, because creating a self made moisturizer is a bit harder. Although, you can try. All you need to do is get the gel and mix it in really well, but be warned: this can be really hard. The aloe will very likely separate from the moisturizer unless you really go at it.

Although, if you have certain dry spots on your skin you can simply use the gel. It worked wonders for my elbows.

And lastly, nails. Once again, you just need to rub it in and leave it on for a couple of minutes. I usually did 10, but I have heard people saying that the best would be at least half an hour. I personally think that’s an overkill, but it depends on how weak and damaged your nails are currently.

All in all, it’s a great way to practice selfcare.

Why you need an aloe vera plant in your home

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