Write down your feelings in letters | Selfcare

I think we have all had to deal with an overflow of emotions. Whether it be from a negative or a positive event, these feelings need an appropriate way to be relieved. And what could be a better method than writing it all down?

Why you need to write things down

First of all, you can save positive experiences this way while they are still fresh. Although, if you are like me you won’t have many of these letters because you will be too focused on the negatives. But the ones you save will last a lifetime. Graduation, parties, concerts, weddings, whatever you like. Even a date is enough if it made you happy enough.

As for negative stuff… Sometimes you need to get it all out without anyone else knowing about it. If you are really mad at someone this is the perfect method to get it all out. Trust me, I know. It channels the bad vibes you have in your mind right out into the world where it can get lost.

Generally speaking though, this type of emotional selfcare is important. It helps you understand your feelings, why they are there and it can also help you not get overwhelmed by them.

Write down your feelings in a letter

How can you do this?

There are 2 ways you can write things down.

What I recommend is getting a piece of paper and a pen. That way you will feel your hand get tired and sore if you are writing way too fast. That way, the energy your hatred created will have a fast route out of you. If your thoughts and hand aren’t racing fast enough for you to slowly lose control then you aren’t all that angry. I also prefer this because then you can just burn the paper afterwards, so nobody will find it later on. Or if you are into witchy stuff like me then you will treat this as a way to burn away all those feelings that you got onto the paper. Like a seance.

The other method includes your computer. Now, this is a better way if you want to be environmentally friendly and not waste paper, but besides that, there are no upsides. I have read way too many TIFU posts on Reddit where people forgot this hateful file on their computer and someone read it. And quite honestly, I would be really paranoid about it. Also, it doesn’t tire you out as much.

Write down your feelings in a letter

What to include in a letter like this?

Let’s take my own example. I write these kinds of letters when I have an argument with someone and I need to keep my composure while the actual disagreement is going down. It helps me keep my cool because I know that I will drag this person to hell and back in writing later on.

First, I talk about what happened at that specific day that made me mad. What they said, did or didn’t do. Then the way they expressed themselves. After that I finish with an entire page of how they are generally doing awful in life and what they need to improve on. And yes, you need to talk about the things that you wouldn’t otherwise say out loud, because it’s hurtful, rude or generally mean. Because you want to get those words out of you.

Now, all of this is not nearly as professional and nice as I have explained. A letter like this should include everything you want to say to that person. So write those curse words down if you include it in your everyday speech and don’t you dare censor it. It’s not the time to hold back.

Basically, all you need to do is get all of your anger down on paper or on a screen in front of you. If you have everything out you can just get rid of it. Kind of like a cleanse.

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