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First of all, I would like to preface by saying that I absolutely adore any type of content about serial killers. Therefore, when I first saw the cover of this book I was already in love. (The Hungarian publisher did an amazing job choosing it.)

My Sister, the Serial killer Hungarian cover

The blurb:

The main character of our story in Korede. A woman who works in a hospital and lives with her mother, sister and maid. Her life is fairly normal up until the point when her phone rings in the middle of the night. It’s her sister, Ayoola. She isn’t willing to tell her what happened, only that she needs to go there right now and she can’t bring anyone with her.

Within the next hour Korede is already cleaning up blood and trying to dispose of a body. Turns out that it was Ayoola’s boyfriend. But unfortunately, the little sister doesn’t want to stop.

Korede is willing to tolerate and help her sister, but then she starts dating a doctor at the hospital. A person who is suddenly in the crossfire of two sister both wanting to be with him. In the end Korede has to choose between her sister and her crush.

My humble opinion (spoilers)

I am personally against the whole idea of “blood is thicker than water”. Family can be awful people too, the fact that you are related to them doesn’t change anything. But the author thought otherwise. She redeemed it though.

Since the story is written from Korede’s perspective we can clearly feel all of her struggles and we know how she thinks and feels about her sister. She is very clearly against this whole murder ordeal and is on… not so good terms with Ayoola. So in the end we are left to wonder why she helps her and eventually takes her side, even if her crush is on the line.

This book deals with abuse, murder, family relations and everything you could want. I personally really liked it, although there were some scenes that should have been rewritten. The one where Ayoola is brought into the hospital with a knife in her would have been way better had the author edited it a little more.

If you want a light read and like darker humor I suggest you read My Sister, the Serial Killer.

4 thoughts on “My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite | Hobby Mania

  1. This would be an amazing read. I read a lot of Nigerian books but haven’t come across serial killer type. Thank you for this review


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