Stepping out of the Introvert Comfort Zone | Adventures

The introvert comfort zone includes everything that doesn’t include direct socialization. Video games, videos, streams and everything else. And when an introvert has to step out of this comfort zone, it’s a literal nightmare for some of them. Myself included.

So when I asked my classmate/deskmate/friend to go out to the bar with me I surprised everyone. Even my very own self. I really didn’t think I would be capable of taking the first step to invite someone out and to actually get myself there.

The invitation

As undramatic as it sounds, it didn’t actually take much courage. I literally just turned to his side and asked if he wanted to go grab a beer with me the next day. And to my surprise, he said yes.

The words basically fell out of my mouth, I didn’t think ahead, wasn’t planning. It was a huge change in my usual attitude.

If you are struggling with inviting someone out I suggest trying to do the same. Not thinking, just going for it. Maybe that can help you, as it did help me.

The drinking

So… I haven’t drunk in a good while because last time I got way too crazy. Shots every single minute. Yeah, I don’t remember much. Because of that, I abstained from drinking anything, as I promised myself not to ever do this again (the usual).

We went to a pretty simple, but cool looking bar. I arrived 10 minutes early, like I always do and ordered a beer made from sour cherry. In the meantime I was constantly worrying about how socially anxious I was and how things were going to get weird because… Well, I never go out with people. I don’t know how to do this.

But once he arrived we started talking about school, previous drinking experiences. The beer itself (which was amazing, if you have the chance to try cherry beer I highly recommend taking the opportunity). By the end of this drink we were already pretty buzzed, but we said that we would do two more shots.

I paid for the first one. Vodka. Which I absolutely hate if it’s not in orange juice. But now it was even worse because we ordered the cheapest brand that smelled like disinfectant. And dare I say, the taste was similar.

Next was rum. Never drank it before and I honestly expected it to taste like cinnamon. Nope, just straight bitter with some slight sweetness. Although I can understand why Captain Jack loves it so much.

My first time going out with a friend

The aftermath

Since I never go out (not without my boyfriend anyway) this experience was kind of weird. I expected the conversation to get awkward or not move forward. But I had a lot of fun and I think the friendship between us became a little bit better.

And I was able to draw a conclusion from the whole thing. That I need to put myself out there more. The introvert comfort zone is great, and staying inside of it is very convenient. But if I want to make myself better and not be so closed off I need to take steps. Steps towards more socialization.

I dare you to invite a friend out for next Friday.

14 thoughts on “Stepping out of the Introvert Comfort Zone | Adventures

  1. Alcohol can be a great way to push ourselves to do something that we otherwise would avoid. After all, it gives us the courage to drop our inhibitions and try things that otherwise would have been overwhelming. Just stand in a bar anywhere and you’ll see signs of it lol Hopefully you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your life without the security blanket (I think it’s something that we all need to work on)


  2. I really love that you were able to find your way out of your comfort zone and that for the most part you enjoyed it. Hopefully you enjoy it the next time too! Thanks for sharing x


  3. I love seeing how people are getting out of their comfort zone! Oooh, it is great that you got some drinks – I’m all about the alch lol! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nancy ♥


  4. Congrats!! I know that’s a big step in your life and I know the feeling because I can be socially awkward. I was extremely shy growing up however I’m able to spark up conversation with people more and be a lil more social. But sometimes depending on the setting it can be a lil intimidating. I’m glad you had a great time good luck next time


  5. Well done for putting yourself out there! I’m introverted and always get nervous when I arrange anything social, but usually really enjoy myself!


    1. I’m the kind of person who either doesn’t invite/get invited out, or when that finally happens I cancel last minute.


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