A teen’s guide to the quarantine | Health and Fitness

Long story short, coronavirus canceled school for (probably) the rest of the school year here in Hungary. And I’m supposed to graduate in a couple of months, so yeah, this is just amazing.

But since I’m not the kind of person that will run away from such a small setback let’s see how to handle such a thing, because now many of us are on our own and it can get really hard to handle it by ourselves. And I think I can help.

Work opportunities

Do NOT start panic-looking for a job like I did. I know that you’re scared about spending most of the day at home and not doing all that much, but please, for the love of god, don’t take up retail and fast food jobs. That’s the quickest way to get sick. (Interestingly enough, those who were around me while the news were announced immediately hopped on LinkedIn, looking for a quick job.)

If you have any talent in writing, graphic design or music just get online and do freelance work. Yes, it’s that easy, I started at 17, I’m pretty sure many others can get into it. A good way to start is on Reddit, there are plenty of forums that offer a lot of work opportunities for a fair pay and you can occupy yourself with that for a few hours.

Either way, whatever you do, just don’t take up a job that requires you to be physically there and includes interacting with others. Corona is much scarier than being alone at home. Trust me.

How to deal with the quarantine

Make time to study

I know that all this free time will seem like the perfect opportunity to slack off. I really do. My first plans included finishing a 300 page book within a day and meditation (because yes, that’s my hobby now). It took me a couple of minutes to realize that no, this is not the way to go. Especially because I’m about to graduate in… 1,5 months. That’s scary to think about.

Either way, if you’re like me and ahead of exams, graduation, whatever that needs some devoted time: make time for it. You finally have the freedom to do whatever the hell you want in those 6 hours that you are supposed to be at school. Make it count.

How to deal with the quarantine

Have a schedule

The worst part about spending all your time at home is the fact that you don’t really have anything to do after a while. Yeah, sure, you could clean up, read a book or watch Youtube. But those don’t seem all that fun after a while, do they? If you are an introvert like me then you already know because you get a taste of this every single weekend.

So, what I suggest is making up an entire schedule for yourself. And stick to it, no slacking off. Oh, and please don’t try to get a time table from the Internet, they all suck and most of them look like this:

Schedule for quarantine

Looks lame, timing is very off and is overall weird. Mostly because these are intended for moms who have little children and have to deal with plenty of kids all day. So please, make a schedule of your own or adjust this one to your preferences. But don’t feel bad because it doesn’t work for you.

Don’t get (too) lazy

Yes, this is the perfect opportunity for most people to get some sleep and take naps during the day, because let’s be honest, who cares at this point?

You should.

Physical education is a part of most schools because it’s insanely important. It keeps you fit and healthy, which is crucial if you don’t want to die of heart disease. It would be quite ironic after surviving a world pandemic. Either way, keeping your muscles in shape and exercising every now and then will be quite beneficial to you. Even just planking will do.

But even if we disregard all that, we are left with the mental aspect of it all. People get depressed pretty quickly without going outside or moving around and if you are cooped up all day in your room it’s even worse.

So get your butt off your bed/chair and do a couple of squats or jumping jacks! Get that heart rate up a little! If you are a beginner at this I can help give you ideas as to what you can do.

How to deal with the quarantine

Have expectations of yourself

Staying at home doesn’t mean that you can let yourself go and that you don’t have to do anything. I’m pretty sure you got that from the previous points, but I want to emphasize this.

I set expectations for myself to keep myself accountable and motivated. It’s been working so far, so I think I can say that it can be a good option for others as well.

These expectations can be anything from school, exercise, hobbies or even work. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are sticking to what you promised yourself. What could potentially help as well is setting short and long term goals.

If you need some ideas here are my expectations of myself:

  • Spending at least 20 minutes outside each day
  • Completing an entire article for work each day
  • Finishing up my media essay
  • Creating a “radio show” for my media exam
  • Doing 1 minute long planks every day
  • Reading 30 pages a day
  • Meditating 10 minutes a day

These aren’t impossible to complete or hard at all. If you want to copy this, then do so.

2 thoughts on “A teen’s guide to the quarantine | Health and Fitness

  1. These are great tips!

    I was always a good student in school, but I’d imagine it would be so hard to stay on schedule with SO much free-time and changing out of the normal routine. Good luck to you all!


  2. I stopped working at once when the virus broke out, since I work at the head of the restaurant business, serving and cooking food. I have had a lot of time on my hands lately so I have been cleaning out cluttered spaces, planning some landscaping, and trying to find writing motivation! So far I have not got my new novel to come together the way I imagine but I have time to make it work.
    Staying productive is worthwhile. I do not want to spend the time I have lazing around, though I encourage relaxation!


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