So I’ve been practicing witchcraft… | Adventures

About a month ago I posted this tweet:

At the time I was just messing around because I had some instinctual drive towards magic and such. Ever since I was a kid there were random times when I just wanted to be a witch. Really badly.

When I was way younger, like 8 maybe, I just sat in the garden mixing dirt into water. When I deemed it done I called it a potion. Pretty harmless, right?

Well, when I posted this tweet the desire grew stronger than ever before. I dived head first into witchcraft.

The beginning

I started with things I needed. I bought a crap ton of candles in all colors, plus some incense and essential oils. Even though I didn’t really like these last two. I also dug through my stuff so I could find precious stones that I collected as a kid.

The first thing I did was… Summon a demon. Not a great first step, I really don’t recommend it. But I had some previous knowledge about a creature called Bune who is supposed to help with finances. I casted a circle, said the mantra, offered him some Pálinka and ended the ritual. To be completely honest I have no idea if this was the reason behind the next day’s events, because I couldn’t feel a presence and I couldn’t find a single sign people talked about online. But I could barely sleep that night.

Either way, the next day I received my paycheck which was surprising because the company was struggling with Paypal for an entire month before this.

This convinced me enough to keep on with my adventure, I just turned things down a notch because I didn’t want to be cursed or possessed or anything like that.

First steps to practicing witchcraft

Learning about Wicca

Okay, I can’t really say I’m Wiccan, because I’m not a big fan of religions and gods, but Wicca is one of those things that actually caught my attention. For those who don’t know:

Wicca is a religion that has two “main” gods, the God and the Goddess (or Lord and Lady). Some people practicing Wicca also believe in gods from other religions, like from Greek and Egyptian mythology, because these gods can bring you certain things if prayed to. Wiccans also practice witchcraft sometimes.

Now, you don’t need to be Wiccan to practice witchcraft, but if you want to pray for deities then it’s ideal. So I started reading up on the history of it and how people practiced it in the old days.

I probably learned more history than in my last 12 years in school.

I won’t sum up things for you here, because let’s be honest: if you’re interested enough you will go and find out about these on your own. If you aren’t then these few bits of information are enough.

Then I practiced

I first learned how to draw (and make my own) sigils. I’m not very artistic, but I loved the way these symbols curved and basically created themselves, so it quickly became one of my favorite past-times. At first I follow the guide of The Witch Of Wonderlust and then I found a couple templates on… Pinterest. I know, I’m basic, whatever, these templates were actually really helpful to me. I didn’t follow them to the T, because it didn’t feel right most of the time, but they gave me a nice outline.

Now whenever I go out, study or practice witchcraft I first draw some sigils on myself for reassurance. It helps with confidence a lot.

Only after this did I dare to actually cast spells again. I stayed away from deities and demons (I still am doing this) and learned some very basic spells. The first one was a “Full Moon Success”. It was supposed to bring financial success into my life through a job opportunity or some kind of other gig (I know, I’m greedy). Unfortunately, this did not work. I chalked it up to my faith not being enough, because I wanted the spell to prove itself to me and I didn’t have any trust. Fair enough.

The first steps to practicing witchcraft

I learned how to connect to myself

Turns out that if you want to practice witchcraft you need to have a lot of confidence and faith in your craft. Something that I just didn’t. Because of this I had to learn this kind of behavior intentionally.

That’s when I started meditating. It had such a good effect on me that I just had to share it with you guys as well. I practiced how to relax each and every part of my body by will. Then with simple mantras I was able to raise my confidence. After that the intrusive and negative thoughts went away that used to interrupt my days.

This is also when I started using incense as a way to enhance meditation. I used to hate the smell of it because to me it was the same as cigarette smoke. When I paired it with meditation it became great and now my entire room smells like incense. And so do my clothes and hair.

And I love it.

Yesterday I reached some kind of peak

One of my job applications was rejected and surprisingly I didn’t feel that bad afterwards. Sure, it always hurts a little, but this time it wasn’t as awful as usual. It felt like I was finally content with myself.

So I tested myself and my faith.

I threw together a small prayer for the Goddess. I burnt a freshly picked basil leaf that I dipped in pine oil, drank to her grace and said my desires. I thanked her in advance.

Guess who got a response to another application that was for a Wicca site?

Final thoughts

Anyway, I’m really enjoying this and the results I get are pretty good so I’m going to keep on doing this. I’ll share some more stories in the future if you guys liked this post, so make sure to tell me so in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “So I’ve been practicing witchcraft… | Adventures

  1. I love this! Last year I went to cook at a witch camp, and my favorite part was partaking in the night time rituals. We told stories and chanted and created altars. I use tarot cards, though I am still learning to read them.

    One of the best things about all kinds of magic is I think magic is a form of faith. It is wonderful you took the plunge and dove right on a journey of learning new things and manifesting what you want to see in your life.


  2. What a beautiful journey! I think it’s wonderful that you’re following your heart and taking the time to learn and grow in your path. I was much the same as a child, always making spells and potions and connecting with nature. I would try to speak to animals and call the wind to my will. As an adult I can still find the magic within me. If you’re interested I wrote a ritual for manifesting wealth ( I would love for you to try it, perhaps put your own spin on it however you’re called to, and let me know if you have success in it!


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