Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie | Hobby Mania

Yeah, I’m still a fangirl, don’t judge me. Currently I’m collecting Agatha Christie’s books because

  • her writing is absolutely amazing
  • Miss Marple and Poirot are mesmerizing people
  • the Hungarian editions look beautiful and make a great addition to my collection of books

So yeah, just look at this cover:

The blurb

Hercule Poirot gets a letter from a woman who is blabbering on and on about the case of the dog. The problem is the date, because it was apparently written 2 months prior to its arrival. Poirot becomes interested, visits Market Basing and finds out that Emily Arundell – the woman who wrote the letter – has been dead for a while now. Nobody from her family received any of the inheritance, only Miss Lawson, an employee of Ms. Arundell. People suspect that there was foul play involved and/or the inheritance wasn’t supposed to end up this way. Either way, Poirot becomes involved and solves the problem.

My review

Oh. My. God. YES! The way this mystery unravels is fascinating to look at. Small details pop up, suspicions arise and just like any other time in an Agatha Christie book, if you think you know who the killer is you are absolutely mistaken. You will never know until you actually get to the part where it’s revealed. And it’s so frustrating.

I’ve read plenty of books from Agatha Christie and I’ve loved every single one. But I hate the fact that I can never guess who the murderer is. Quite the opposite, I always rule them out to be the most innocent one out of all the suspects. Although, I guess that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

The ending is glorious. Everything is resolved in a way that Emily Arundell would have wanted and the family gets to keep their honor.

I also loved the fact that we get to know the story from Hasting’s perspective. The Watson to Sherlock. He’s always pessimistic about the case, pointing out that Poirot is probably overthinking everything and regularly leads us to the wrong conclusion. And he does it really well, if you haven’t read books from Agatha Christie before you will fall for each of these.

Conclusion: read it. It’s entertaining, fun and can be read in a couple of hours. Makes for a wonderful evening.

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