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If you are a regular reader at my blog you probably already know that I have never reviewed poems (and by extension, I have also never reviewed collections of them) before. It’s usually not my thing because I never had that much appreciation for poetry. To me it always seemed a little too simple, like people were always just trying to put their random thoughts into rhymes just so they could create something coherent and call it a poem. Because that sells more than “inner monologue”. (Of course, I could find some exceptions, like the works of Jaya Avendel, but it seemed like a rarity.)

Well, in the last couple of days I read A lovely Wreckage and I am now convinced that poetry is one of the most beautiful ways a person can express themselves. There. I said it. A single author changed my entire mindset.

The blurb

Now, I obviously can’t give you a short description of what you will read in this beautiful piece of work. I just can’t simplify it enough to go down to a paragraph or two, so I can only use a couple of words.

Dark. Self reflection. A tiny bit of edginess.

Unfortunately, I know for a fact that didn’t give you a good idea. It seems like what every other poet would write that has even a hint of depression (and let me tell you, there isn’t just slight sadness here). So instead, try to think of all the things you suffered through as a teenager (like heartbreaks, sleepless nights, fights with loved ones) and feel them as intensely as you did back then. You can’t do that, right? You aren’t as “hormonal”, “inexperienced” or “dramatic” anymore. Whatever you blame your outbursts on. Either way, I know that the world has numbed you down since then and you will likely (and hopefully) never feel that same way again.

But Brigid Hannon is here to give you that back. The description says that the poems are about “twenty years in the life of a woman living with chronic and mental illness, and her path to peace and wellness”, but in reality a lot of us had those low points in our lives. We all have pieces in this book that we can relate to, whether that be the desperation or the sadness.

My opinion

As I said, I had very little regard to poetry, but this changed my whole worldview. It has such powerful lines, even ones that seem absurd work well, like “He wages battles like Godzilla fought Mothra”. Who would think of a phrase like that? And why the hell does it make so much sense it its context? I have no idea since I haven’t head to deal with poetry before but I absolutely love it.

Also, I relate way too much to the first few pieces. And I adored seeing the narrative change from desperation to content and hopefulness, I can only hope that I will go through the same process soon.

If you think this might be the book for you I highly suggest that you get it on Amazon. I can only recommend it.

3 thoughts on “A lovely Wreckage by Brigid Hannon | Hobby Mania

  1. Okay! This book seems amazing! And it has poetry! I love poetry so much! Will definitely be looking into buying it! 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Thank you so much for your kind mention!

    When I reviewed my first book of poetry, I was unsure of what to write and how to cover it so, coming from that experience, I love that you decided to take the plunge and read Wreckage. I love that this book starts out low, but slowly reminds us that there is hope ahead every step of the way we take.

    The cover and your review are so lovely, I hope to pick up a copy of Wreckage soon!


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