My first day in my New home | Adventures

So, today was the day when I moved into my new home, a dormitory in the city of Szeged. I have never been away from home for too long, especially not because of my education, so the following week will surely be a new experience. But first, let me tell you about this day.

It was my boyfriend who took the time to drive for an hour and take me here. During the car ride I was okay, mostly just excited about my new studies, roommates, experiences ahead of me and everything else that came with “moving”. Although, I did have a few annoying thoughts about forgetting stuff at home and a sense of abandonment.

Then we arrived, and my stomach immediately flipped upside-down. I had a small nervous attack before even entering the building of the dormitory, but thankfully I got through the check-in without much trouble. Two signatures, a fever measurement and I was done. I’m officially a resident in here, although I still have to deal with some paperwork to have this address on one of my IDs. But that’s just another thing that I have to take care of at a later date.

The worst part was saying goodbye. I regret a couple of sentences, like “Just go, it’s going to be harder if we stay here for another half an hour.” Is it obvious that I’ve never had to do this before? I think so.

But after getting inside that sadness and worry quickly went away because I realized that I now live on the 9th floor. And I originally thought that there was no elevator either, so I just started walking up. Yeah, I reached the 6th level before finally seeing the two doors that lead to the elevators. A bit annoying, since I was almost having a heat stroke already, but sure, I just dealt with it. After all, I finally got to my room. Turns out that I share it with two people (whom I won’t be talking about, because I want to respect their privacy, you only need to know that they are pretty fun to be around).

The room itself has 3 small closets (all of them have places for locks), a huge desk for 3 people, 3 beds with shelves above them, a sink and a trash can. Besides these the girls also got us a microwave and a fridge, so there’s not much reason to leave the room if I don’t want to cook.

After about an hour I got bored of sitting around and headed out to find a bakery, as I hadn’t eaten all day. And on the way out I met one of my former classmates, which was honestly the biggest relief since I have arrived. We ran around for a bit, helping one of his friends move into his room and talking. Another hour passed and I was finally able to get out of the building. I quickly realized that the bakery I selected on Google Maps wasn’t open, so I redirected myself to the city’s biggest mall, just so I could find out what I could get there exactly and so that I could go to a supermarket and get some food. On the way there I quickly realized that I’m kind of stupid, as it was around 2 p.m. and it was way too hot outside and the streets I walked along were aligned in a way that the sun was always hitting some part of my skin. Either way, I got to the store, grabbed 2 bottles of raspberry flavored water, 2 pieces of pizza and was out with my “haul”.

By the time I got back I was irritated, the least to say. I was overheating, close to a nervous breakdown and just felt like I was growing up way too quickly and like I was abandoned in a strange city. Yeah, I don’t handle new situations well.

But I got to talking with my boyfriend online, he calmed me down a little, then I took out a squishy toy to reduce the stress and watched a bit of Kurzgesagt (if you don’t know them you’re missing out). In the midst of videos one of my roommates started cooking and we got to talking. These girls will probably be the reason why I can keep my sanity.

So yeah, this is where I’m at right now. We have scheduled a bar meeting with the others who are majoring in political sciences and then we will probably head out to the party organized by other students. I’m not that much of an extrovert though, so I don’t know if I even want to attend, but I guess this is the time when I should try to socialize, so I’ll try my best.

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